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Freeze for 1 second every five seconds while Im fly on my flying base. On the ground no lags

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2021-08-18 10:30:06
Hello, and thanks for the report.

I haven't noticed lags in your saved game, but it can be an issue of some PC configurations. Or maybe because all your miners have full inventory and not actually mining..

Does the lag happen even if you are standing in the air or only when you're flying? If only when in move, the issue is probably because you're moving between different terrain chunks, and initializing the mining on some place takes some time. If even when in one place, that there must be some error in routine that causes bugs when trying to compute mining values while miners are not in ground. Please let us know, to get a clue where to look at.

We probably can fix that once we'll be successful with reproduction of the issue.

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