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Teleport power indicator problem

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2020-11-24 14:50:06
Repeated the test, this time entering into the first placed teleporter. Now on the map both are called "Teleport 1" and are powered.
I made more tests and is hard to explain in words what happens.
And after a few more tests I realized that the information that the current teleporter is not powered is shown when I click on the destination (which doesn't need to be powered)
The UI got me confused.

There should be some improvements here:
- when teleporting over a large distance, the teleport in progress indicator could be in the middle of the screen. (To reduce the shock of the first teleport experience :) )
- add an option for custom games where both sending and receiving teleporters to require power and an achievement if the player does certain activities with the teleporters (maintains 10 active, 24km teleport distance, teleport from lava to snow biome (like cold plunge after sauna)...).
2020-11-24 15:24:21
Actually it is very easy to activate the teleporters and if people do not want challenges, better not make them consume power on the receiving end too.

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