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no continue option for a free roam game

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2020-07-22 09:09:13
Hello, if you save the game and return to the main menu then. Is the continue button still unavailable?
2020-07-22 15:02:00
As long as you only have a free roam game, the continue button remains unavailable for me. I can create a survival game, save it and quit to menu and the continue button works for either game. As soon as I delete the survival save, the continue button is not available for the free roam save.
2020-07-23 18:40:46
Yes. The only way to have the continue button available is to start a Survival game. Then you can start either the free Roam or the survival and the continue button on the main menu will take you back into the last game you were playing. If you delete the Survival save and have just the free roam game, the continue button on the main menu is unavailable ( Greyed out ).

Sorry if this is a repeat. I hit submit last time and my browser closed.

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