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tutorial achieved message is not removed

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2020-07-08 12:11:39
Hello, thanks for the report.

Could you please specify when the message appeared? Does it persist after saving/loading the game?
If you open all the tutorial pages (by F1 to F5 keys), it still does not hide?
2020-07-10 08:35:38
I recently seen that the problem would come from my keyboard : Function keys don't work... I couldn't open tutorial.

The message appeared after the end of tutorial and never disapear as long as played this game.
I restarted another game without tutorial, and I haven't this message on this new game.

Sorry for my (very) poor english, I'm french and it's difficult to me to speak another language than French, but I try ^^
Thanks for the answer, continue your good work with this game, and if possible, correct physics glitch quickly ``

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