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Disappearing crafted things during transfer

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2020-03-11 13:35:08
Hello, if you move (drag&drop) the item outside any slot, it will "drop" it. It's similar to dropping the item if you have full inventory and you disassemble non-empty container.

It's shown as a little box thrown on the floor in the game world. If you do not pay attention to it and leave it alone or walk away, it will disappear eventually. Do you thing this was your case?

Other way how item could disappear is that some kind of conveyor connected block (3d printer) consumes it.

If you think none of those are your case, could you please provide us more details to investigate it? Could you reproduce it regularly and give us precise instructions (a youtube video) how to do it, so we can test it? Thanks.
2020-03-13 04:21:19

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