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conveyor connection not good since 2 different point

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2020-03-11 13:11:06
Hello, thank you for reaching us.

There's a technical limitation that all conveyor connected blocks must be on the same grid. So, if you build for example continuous ground and then the both active blocks on it, you can connect blocks by a conveyor then. Because they are on the same grid, they are interconnected. However, it is not possible to build two separate grids and connect them together lately. Even when they look that they are properly aligned, that cannot be assured with 100% precision in the game engine. Sorry for that.

There is one workaround - conveyor connector. You can build 2 girds, lead two conveyors near to each other and put a conveyor connector on the each one. The conveyor connectors have to be very near to each other (like 1 meter). They will light up and make a connection between two distinct grids. You can even make this connection between moving vehicles.

I hope you understand it, let me know, if you have any issues with it.

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