Planet Nomads Bug Tracking

Player Stuck in mid hover


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2020-03-06 13:12:44
Hello, thank you for reporting the issue. However, I've tried to load your saved game and everything worked well. Could you confirm, that saving and loading the game helped also in your case?

Does it happen randomly or could you describe some reliable way how to get into bugged state? Thanks for reply.
Maj Trobule
2020-03-08 03:26:14
This has only happened one time previously and I was able to fix the issue by entering the cockpit and exiting.

This tine that method did not work I had to travel until i contacted the surface after that normal working hover and decent.
I did not go thru the save loading routine - that may have fixed the bug.

It is completely random

Many thanks for your response - a lot of the bugs have now been eliminated over the past year of so.

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