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Car flip and get into terrain

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2020-01-03 09:23:12
Hello, and thanks for the report. How long have you played the game? Does this happen every time? I've looked into game log file, and found some broken references, but cannot see any real cause.

If you accidentally drop through terrain (and this should happen VERY rarely), you can save yourself by exiting it (pressing E key), it would teleport you back on ground (which might be under the water surface in your case, so you would have a lot of work to save yourself anyway). There is probably no way to save the car in case of this bug.

Usually it means, that there is no physics collider in ground, that means terrain does not generate fast enough, it should mean that you have slow CPU (way to high quality settings) or the broken references I mentioned earlier could have caused it. If this is just a one-time issue, I bet it will not bother you again. If it does repeat more often, we can try to find the source of this issues with your help.

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