Planet Nomads Bug Tracking

Unnable to scan anything


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2019-11-13 11:57:48

Not sure if you find this message, because you haven't entered your e-mail address.

But I've found a kind of reason why it does not work - in your save, the quest system is stuck in a phase where it waits to you being in drop pod after exiting the Anita ship. This is blocking all following quests (including the scanner).

I've tried walking back to the drop pod in your save, entering it again and the quest system started to work. So there might be some reason why game did not detected you in the drop pod before. Could you remember if you started the game with or without the tutorial and if you was spawned in the droppod? And if so, did you spent at least a second in the drop pod or exited immediatlly?

Thanks for your answers.

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