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distorted video output


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2019-11-01 12:55:49
Hello, I've looked at the screenshot attached with your report, and it has no distortion.

If you can at least use the main menu, please try to change a resolution and disable the dynamic resolution feature. If not, please send us a photo of your display, we'll try to find out what is the issue. Does it happen all the time or after a while (overheating the GPU)? You can contat me at Thanks.
2019-11-01 16:26:50
GPU Temprature was normal.
I have uploaded a video of the issue. Hopre this helps
2019-11-04 08:00:18
Thank you for the video. It looks like an issue with fullscreen rendering, kind of Unity engine/driver issue. It's strange that with OS overlay it works. It's something we could not do much with. Did you try another resolution (1920x1080)?

Maybe there is an issue with wrong refresh rate. Normally, the options does not allow to change the target framerate, as system is supposed to select the best refresh rate for a given resolution. Maybe you could try using our console command for changing the framerate - press SHIFT+F1, console will appear, then enter command "setresolution" (without quotes). It will show you the list of system reported supported resolutions. Then you can try "setresolution width height rate", for example "setresolution 1920 1080 60" with different values to see if everyone has the issue.

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