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Scroll wheel inverted in Linux

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2020-03-23 21:42:02
This bug still exists in (stable)
2020-03-23 23:22:04
This is still present in
Aoi Blue
2021-06-06 03:15:00
There really should be a button to reverse it anyway.

Back to the point:

I'm another player (not a dev) but I use Linux too, but I have been playing on Proton for both dogfood testing of proton (I'm very active in the player community helping provide Proton bug reports) and the fact that it is higher performance.

First, have you checked that it is not just the way it is suppose to be?

Away from you on the scroll wheel is suppose to zoom in. Towards you zooms out. This does feel backwards to some people, and I think there should be a button to reverse it in the config Most games do have that option.

Linux is funny on how it handles mouse wheels. All mice actually register the mousewheels as two buttons (traditionally 3 and 4 but sometimes others). Windows always reports mousewheel as an axis to applications unless they request Raw HID. Linux on the other hand reports it as a pair of buttons, a pair of buttons given "axis assignment" or both a pair of buttons AND an Axis assignment. Occasionally it ends up reversed in certain desktops on certain distros on certain programs. This is usually the more bare-bone desktops and distros that presume a standard Microsoft/Logitech assignment instead of reading the advanced metadata from the HID device. I am not sure what method Unity3D (the engine used by this game) uses for reading mice.

The more user friendly distros will fix assignments of unusual mice in the USB-HID Plug and Play scripts, but the more professional and server oriented distros will not to save on having massive "Quirklist" databases of common mice missing HID metadata tables, and the resulting increased footprint.

Even Windows will screw up on quirky mice on occasion, but most mice have "drivers" (i.e. a small .inf file to configure the USB-HID mouse driver) to fix it either in Microsoft's database or shipping with the mouse. More and more these days it's in Microsoft's database. These drivers also tend to include a small image of the mouse for the Windows Settings and Control panel, and assignment for additional buttons, as well as any preset macro options. Occasionally it will also include a tiny control panel module with advanced options (bloatware if you ask me.)

Sorry to rant with the mouse driver 202 course, but I figured it would be beneficial to explain the full complexity of mousewheels for people who don't.
Aoi Blue
2021-06-14 06:33:28
I can verify that this issue exists on my system as well.

I'm not sure the exact issue. It is backwards in both zoom and window scroll settings so it is bound backwards across the whole game.

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