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Clicking out of a modal dialog triggers a click in game


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2019-09-24 15:56:13
Hello, as I've tested it now, it is not possible to dismiss a color-selection dialog by clicking outside the window, and so the click is not propagated further. Could you confirm that you are able to dismiss the dialog by mouse click? If so, please send a video, because it's weird. Thanks.
2019-09-25 17:39:44
I noticed ~15 years ago that developers do not analyze bugs until somebody shows them that it really happens. Once I reproduced it, he found the problem in the code too. His mind was somehow blocked until then. That's why a video is needed, despite the highly qualified description which exclude mistakes.
Some bugs are not reproducible or occur rarely. While this is not a safety critical code, where the life of the user depends on the software, one must accept that some users may experience this behavior. :)
2019-10-07 06:37:42
It's not about to believe, but about not being able to reproduce. Seeing it directly (or on the video) helps us to understand better what is the report about, sometimes we were both talking about different things (screens) before we see the video, and sometimes we spot some conditions that the OP does not find important to mention in a report.

Without a proper way to reproduce the bug, it's hard to find it (= a waste of time) and eventually one cannot confirm that the fix really solves it :).

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