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i can't crouch with any button

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2019-09-02 14:47:40
Hello, I've seen it once, but did not know, what triggered it. It might be some kind of step progression during tutorial. Could you please start a new game and try it again (for example moving a little bit slowly)? Just to confirm if this is that random bug. Thanks.
2019-10-06 22:30:46
can not crouch
2019-10-07 11:33:29
I've revisited the tutorial flow in that saved game again, and it is stuck in the phase where the avatar should already been crouching and waiting to go through the door.

I don't know why this could happen. Only 3 things comes to my mind:
1. User crouched, saved/loaded the game and then the avatar is standing while the tutorial is saved in state where he is already crouching - but I bet that you would notice that you was saving/loading the game during that short time. Moreover, the "player loaded not-crouched" bug is already fixed.
2. The crouching animation was broken somehow, and player didn't finished the first crouch, but tutorial already noticed him pressing the key. Do you think this might be an issue? ie. did you notice some weird crouching animation or did you press crouch button folowed by some other key that could cancel once started crouch? I cannot imagine which key should it be, because nearly every key (like jump) is blocked in this phase.
3. The tutorial flow somehow skipped the "wait until player presses crouch" phase, registering it as finished. I cannot imagine how that could happen. Maybe with very slow FPS you can manage to crouch and block crouch at once, but I do not believe it. That would be possible in case were there is less then 2-3 FPS I guess. Is this the case?

Thank you for your answer, it will help us find the cause.

Anyway, if we will not find the real source of the issue, I think we could resign on disabling the crouch button after the crouch (effectively allowing a player to "uncrouch" before passing the door).
2019-11-16 21:36:03
Can auto-save process interfere with this?
2019-11-19 09:52:00
There is no load during autosave, so it should not modify currently opened game. I've tested some more scenarios with and without autosave, and never got into the "can't crouch" state.

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