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Stuck under the teleport after respawn on planet

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2019-08-07 08:06:14
Later comment: exited the game and started it again; it doesn't seem to be doing it anymore (I am next to the teleporter now).
2019-08-07 08:09:56
... however I am missing my vital screen area and none of the interactive elements (containers, black box, doors, stasis pods, etc) are interactive anymore (missing the "press E" but they do have the "Setup -> C" key).
2019-08-07 09:15:45
I have found a way to reproduce it. It happens on Windows as well. Contact me on my e-mail address and will send you a save that will generate the above errors.
2019-08-09 20:52:14
Guessing this is is fixed ... great job! Tested the save with the problem and everything went smoothly this time.

Thanks @dev team!

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