Planet Nomads Bug Tracking

Totally broken planet generated after teleportation.

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2019-08-05 07:48:37
Hello, Thanks for your report, I've tried your save, and it looks like stuck in some weird phase. You should be in the ship at the endgame phase, not on the planet (and this is why planet is not generated in this phase). We'll need some more time to investigate it. Do you have some backup save, or should we try to fix this for you?
2019-08-05 21:25:36
My last save was already bugging out with inventory problems, where drinking water would not change the count in my inventory.
2019-08-18 11:53:19
Went back to an earlier save. Worked fine, injected the virus this time. Got a bit worried as near the end I got the same old Consuming Water doesn't affect my inventory, made the final teleport jump - Crash! Started the game again, found I was kind of on the original planet (at least the map was the same) but it appeared to be water only, no land.
2019-08-20 11:13:45
Thanks for the update, could you please send us the "earlier" save file to investigate? Thanks.

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