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Conveyor disconnected compact containers still showing large container

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2019-07-19 12:33:12
2019-07-24 08:08:54
Hello, Thanks for reporting the bug. It seems that the blocks are really still connected internally which might lead to some bug, that we cannot find in this post-state. Do you have a save before the disconecting? If so, if you disconnect the flyer again, does it happen the same? Can you see any errors in the console (opened by shift+F1) after it?

However the sentence "the ship was behaving like actually having to lift the weight of the items present in the large container as well" seems strange - the container has only it's actual weight in game, items weight nothing. If the flyer behaved heavily, that might point on non recalculating the mass of the flyer after disconnecting the grid. This is very strange case and a save file before the split will help us.
2019-07-24 10:33:27
(received video, log file and save file, kept hidden for privacy reasons)

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