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Compact containers open but items not visible

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2019-07-19 07:43:13
Hello, I've tried the save that was attached to the bug report and it worked well. Could you confirm, that after re-loading the game it works as expected?

It is normal that you cannot see the connected containers from the miner, but you should see everything from any connected container.

On the screenshot, I've noticed, that you've a "Supplies" filter selected on the right in the container view. Could you please try to switch it to "ALL". Maybe this is why some items (not supplies) are hidden. Thanks.
2019-07-19 11:32:14
Hello 501idni and thank you for answering.

It would seem, after reloading the game, that everything is in order now. I have changed the filtering to "All" prior to opening the container and everything shows up well now however at the time I did the report I have opened one of the attached containers (as seen in the print screen it is the first on top).

Not sure if I should report this here but there is also another issue: I have a mobile base (air) with interconnected containers. I have connected the ship to a large container via conveyors so that I can move items faster. Then, I have disconnected the conveyor but the large container still showed up in the mobile base containers list and the ship was behaving like actually having to lift the weight of the items present in the large container as well. The only way I could remove the large container from the list (even though it was not connected anymore) was to destroy all mobile base containers and re-create them.

As for the bug it may have been a glitch because it is not doing it anymore.

Please let me know should I need to submit a different bug report for the large container/conveyor issue.


2019-07-19 12:14:56
You can report a new bug for the container issue. Ideally if it is reproducible (ie. happen again after loading the game), please send the report from that save looking at the place where conveyor was cut, so we can easily find it. Thanks.

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